Affordable Housing Amherst

Who We Are:  Affordable Housing for Amherst was formed to contribute to the development of public support for the work of the Amherst Municipal Affordable Housing Trust. It is not a subcommittee of the Housing Trust, but an independent group that undertakes activities, which are outside the structure of Town Government. The members are Tom Kegelman, Rebecca Fricke, Tom Fricke, Pat Romney, Gerald Weiss, and John Hornik.

Candidate Survey:  We asked the candidates for Town Council to explain their views on both affordable housing and the seasonal homeless shelter.  Twenty-eight individuals responded.  Their responses are organized into six "blog posts", one for At Large candidates and one each for candidates for Districts 1-5.  You can find the links for these below.  At the beginning of each blog post you will find the candidates' names and the questions they were asked.

2018 Town Council Candidate Survey Responses